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Formation santé mentale au travail

Build awareness about Mental Health at Work

Challenges in the past months have brought a lot of pressure on us. Organisations are trying to improve employee well-being, managers talk more about it and each one of us can also have an impact. Raise the awareness about Mental Health at Work at different levels of your organisation with interactive and practical sessions.


A bite-sized interactive session for large groups where participants are introduced to the topic. They get tips and hints that they can easily apply to help them to take care of their mental health.


A deeper dive in this workshop for employees. They are encouraged to self-reflect on the role they play in their own mental health they discover the areas on which they can have impact.


The workshop provides a space for reflection and discussion about the environment at work that might not prevent mental health issues nor build the trust necessary to talk about it openly. It gives to leaders a better understanding of the symptoms and how to have a discussion about it with their team members.

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