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David Lupau soft skills and leadership training consultant
David Lupau

About me

I am a learning consultant with more than 17 years of experience in training people from all over the world. I design and facilitate leadership and soft skills training in English or French, in virtual classrooms or face to face. I'm also a coach.

I am certified by Development Dimensions International, Lee Hecht Harrison, and Korn Ferry.

I live between the Czech Republic and France.

About me

My goal

Helping individuals, teams and businesses grow.

To achieve this, I design and deliver training sessions that match business needs and give participants the tools and skills they need to face today's challenges.

My approach

It focuses on client needs before, during, and after training:

  • Before, by taking the time to identify solutions that will really make a difference

  • During the sessions, by proposing content that participants can use on a daily basis helping them to transfer knowledge immediately to their workplace

  • After with a follow-up to identify behaviors changes, real impact, and lessons learned


I often compare this approach to a Lego box containing blocks of different sizes and colors. When you have a specific project in mind, you don't have to buy the whole box. You just need to get the blocks that will help you to move forward. I help my clients clarify the project and identify the blocks that will help them succeed. Thus, I avoid proposing long standardized programs of which only a part will prove useful. I prefer to run shorter sessions because they are more focused.

What I propose

  • Availability and listening to quickly answer and understand the challenges you face

  • Targeted content focused on your needs

  • Interactive sessions with active participation

  • Practical tools and techniques that can be applied right after the training


For a session in virtual classroom or face-to-face:

180€ - 2500 Kč per hour per group

+ travel expenses if applicable

EQ-i certified coach
DDI certified facilitator

Feedback from participants

formations Soft skills leadership
Leadership training

Despite the remote environment, you managed to make this course interesting and interactive.

Unconscious bias training

Thank you for the quality of the facilitation in a remote environment. It kept participants engaged

Mental health training

The session was presented calmly, concisely, non judging, reflecting the right mood needed to engage and importance of the subject.

Cliftonstrengths workshop

David makes it really easy. Communication was clear, flowing very smoothly and the content was really interesting and useful.

Any question or request, feel free to contact me

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