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Formation santé mentale des collaborateurs

A study from the Mental Health Foundation, Oxford Economics and Unum in 2016 has shown that line managers are the most likely people to receive a disclosure of a mental health problem 75% of the time. Therefore, it is crucial for them to be able to listen and create a safe environment for their employees.

The workshop provides a space for reflection and discussion about the environment at work that might not prevent mental health issues nor build the trust necessary to talk about it openly. It gives to leaders a better understanding of the symptoms they can spot out and how to have a discussion about it with their team members.

I also propose a workshop for all employees that gives tips and tools to manage their own mental health or impact learning, a bite-sized session for larger groups.

Helping your team members
with their mental health

  • Managers with direct reports

  • Between 10 and 20 participants


At the end of the course, leaders will be able to

  • Spot out the symptoms related to mental health issues

  • Have a better understanding of the diseases involved

  • Have a conversation with my team members

  • Understand what to do to create a work environment that prevents those issues

cost duration.png
Duration and cost
  • Virtual classroom: 3 hours - 7500 Kč / 540€

  • Face-to-face: 1/2 day - 10000 Kč / 720€

  • What is Mental Health? Different issues

  • What symptoms can I spot out?

  • Discussions around barriers to talk about Mental Health and what I can do as a leader to create an environment of trust.

  • How to have a conversation with my team members around Mental Health?

  • Videos

  • Group discussion

  • Mentimeter

  • Additional Resources

Interested in this course? Would you like a quote or more information? Please contact me.
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