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360 feedback workshop pour les équipes

Develop teams and talents in your organisation

Workshops to increase teams' efficiency

Teamwork is essential to success and growth. In order for a team to work effectively, people need to know each other better and appreciate their differences as well as the way each team member contributes.

Whether you want to identify people's strengths, build trust, onboard a new leader on look for a model to build a high performing team, the below workshops will help you to bring the team together, increase collaboration and provide insights on how they can be more efficient.

At the end of each session, the team agrees on a plan of action to bring to life the concepts that have been discussed.

Team workshop
Strengths finder workshop
CliftonStrengths™ workshop

CliftonStrengths™ (also known as Strengths Finder) by Gallup is a tool that raises awareness of people unique talents. 

The strength-based approach is focusing on the positive attributes, of a person or a group, rather than the negative ones. It helps participants to understand their strengths and those of their colleagues. It is also useful for managers in utilising their team in their strength areas.

What is the process?

All steps are available in English or French

  • Each participant takes an online assessment

  • They download a detailed report that lists all their strengths

  • Individual debrief coaching session

  • 3h team workshop

Read more about CliftonStrengths

New leader assimilation workshop
New leader assimilation workshop

Accelerate information sharing and relationship building for a stronger, more effective and productive team.

Leader will have opportunity to introduce himself/herself in an informal way. The team asks questions to the leader and leader asks questions to the team related different area of team's life. The goal is to bring clarification and avoid misunderstanding.

  • For new leader who has been in position for 4-6 weeks and their team

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • A discussion with the leader is necessary prior the session to prepare the questions.

  • Action plan is built to be more effective

workshop The 5 dysfunctions of a team
The 5 dysfunctions of a team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model from Patrick Lencioni describes the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek performance. Based on this model and on a team assessment, two workshops can be organised (for teams and leaders) to explore the 5 dysfunctions and get a better understanding of what the team can do to perform better.

Read more about the workshop

Read more about The 5 dysfunctions of a team model 

Trust workshop for teams
Trust workshop

Creating teams with implicit trust either for newly formed teams where trust is yet to be established or for existing teams where there are trust issues.

Participants will learn about trust behaviors and create action plans within their team to develop these.

  • Interactive 2-hours workshop

  • Maximum 20 participants

  • Objective: Understand trust and the power and impact of it.

Solution to develop your talents

Adopting new behaviours, improving the way you collaborate with others or developing new skills starts with self-awareness.
Whether it is about your emotional intelligence, your career, the way you manage your team or any situation you are struggling with, get a new perspective to move forward
The tools below help your employees or managers to understand their blind spots and strengths. They are used in relation with broader goals and lead to an action plan.

Devlop individuals
360 feedback
360 feedback

360-feedback is a multi-language tool used to provide leaders with feedback from key stakeholders groups on how they are seen to lead and manage others. It is based on behaviors that other employees can see.

What is included?

  • Access to online assessment tool

  • Report

  • Coaching debrief session

Read more about 360 feedback 

EQ-i emotional intelligence assessment
Emotional Intelligence - EQ-i 2.0

The Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0®  is a multi-language tool designed for managers who want to learn more about their emotional intelligence skills and improve them.

The EQ-i 2.0® provides with a detailed assessment of your areas of strength and potential areas for development.

What is included?

  • Access to online assessment tool

  • Report

  • Coaching debrief session

EQ-i 2.0® model

Business coaching

Coaching is a development process designed to help individuals and teams achieve and sustain top performance in ways that are linked to the organisation's needs and measurable business results. The typical duration is between 6 and 12 months depending on the objectives. Both coach and coachee agree on the topics covered with the help of manager

What is the process?

  • Agree on results to achieve

  • Collect and analyse data

  • Create and implement an action plan

  • Measure progress and clarify next step

Read more about coaching


Mentoring program

Mentoring is two-way learning process through which a mentor will assist and guide a mentee in achieving professional and personal growth. I can help you to set up a successful mentoring program by providing to participants the tools and knowledge needed to build a strong relationship.

Typically, the duration of a mentor-mentee relationship is around 12 months but it can be extended with new goals.

How can I help?

  • 1h-webinar for mentees

  • 3h-workshop for mentors

  • Matching event.


Read more about Mentoring

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please contact me.

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