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Formation Diversité, équité, inclusion, préjugé inconscient

Diversity, equity and inclusion is an important topic nowadays. Research are clear: organisations with diverse teams and inclusive culture perform better, innovate more and attract more talents. That means that employees and leaders need to manage their unconscious biases that are by definition... unconscious. This workshop has been designed to help participants to start their journey and move from been unconsciously biased to consciously biased. Raising self awareness is the first step to manage our biases. At the end of the workshop participants are invited to select 2-3 actions they will implement.

Identify and manage
your unconscious biases

  • Any employees wishing to take an active role to build an inclusive culture

  • Between 10 and 20 participants


At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Understand what is an unconscious bias 

  • Recognise how they show up at work

  • Know how to manage them

  • Identify actions to implement

cost duration.png
Duration and cost
  • Virtual classroom: 3 hours - 7500 Kč / 540€

  • Face-to-face: 4 hours - 10000 Kč / 720€

  • What do we mean by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Unconscious bias: what are they, how they work, most common ones

  • Case studies. Recognise them in daily situation

  • Discussions around most common stereotypes

  • What can we do to manage them

  • Self-reflection

  • Actions to implement

  • Videos

  • Case studies

  • Group discussion

  • Mentimeter

  • Additional Resources

Interested in this course? Would you like a quote or more information? Please contact me.
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