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Communication interculturelle

In today's world, working in global teams or interacting with people based in different time zones is very common. However, communicating with colleagues or customers from another country, continent or culture can be challenging. Misunderstandings and conflicts can easily rise and impact team's moral and performance. Based on Erin Meyer's work, this workshop helps participants to decode how cultural differences impact international business. They are introduced to the 8-scale tool that they can apply in their daily work to adapt their approach to the people they are interacting with.

Communicate in a multicultural business environment

  • Any employees working in global teams or interacting with people from different countries

  • Managers leading global teams

  • Between 10 and 20 participants


At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Understand why people might react differently depending on their culture

  • Communicate effectively in a cross-cultural context

  • Adapt their approach to their discussion partner

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Duration and cost
  • Virtual classroom: 3 hours - 7500 Kč / 540€

  • Face-to-face: 4 hours - 10000 Kč / 720€

  • Introduction, reflection on challenging rising from cultural misunderstandings

  • The 8-scale tool:

  1. Communicating​

  2. Evaluating

  3. Leading

  4. Deciding

  5. Trusting

  6. Disagreeing

  7. Scheduling

  8. Persuading

  • Application to participants' situations

  • Videos

  • Case studies

  • Group discussion

  • Mentimeter

  • Additional Resources

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